" Okay guys let's go ,  let's go , let's go " Nick said running to the car .

" Usually I'm the one who's acts like this " Noah said walking to the car with 13 year old Darla .

" maybe you got it from him " Darla smiled .

" okay every one in the car before dad explodes , if we don't hurry up " Judy said locking the door .

Darla , Judy and  Noah got in the in car and buckled there seat beats .

" why are you acking like some one crazy and yelling at us to get in car fastly all we are going is going to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Thanksgiving ? " Darla asked her Dad .

" Oh , you'll see " Nick said said steping on the gas petal and smileing .

Nick drove to Marian and Robins house .

" we are here " Judy sighed happily .

" I'm soo hungry  " Darla said .

" dose anyone one see my brothers car ?!" Nick said worried .

" why because I am always frist when it comes to racing each other " Danny said surprising Nick .

" Grrrrrrrrrrrrr " ! Nick growled with his face turning red .

" The older siblings rule " Danny said smileing .

" Honey , be nice to your little brother " lani said .

" Ugh fine " Danny moaned .

" ha your wife is telling you want to do * laughs * .Nick laughed .

" Like I do " Judy said back firing Nick .

" boom " lani and Judy said  .

" boom dad boom " Noah  said .

"Noah !" Nick groaned .

After That little conversation , They rung Marian and Robins door bell , Robin open the door bell and huged Nick and Danny and welcome them inside , Leandro was watching TV and Darla scared him by jumping behind the cough .

Marian set up the food on the table , vegetables for the Judy's side of the family and meat for her side of the family , Judy's sisters  have arrived Ava and Jessica Judy huged them because they haven't seen each other in a while and stu and bonnie came and brung the traditional vegetable stew . 

They prayed to the lord for what they are thankful for and ate , its was a happy Thanksgiving for the Hopps family and the Wilde's .