Ravi Delgado and Darla Wilde are having babies , named Nick Jr and Avery !

Welcome to Zootopia !

Just a night ago Ravis wife had two babies at the hospital , Ravi just couldn't wait to pick her up from the hospital . Ravi smiled so hard he almost fainted , he just didn't believe that his sad life was a turned around by his by his lovely wife giving him children to look after .

The hours past till it was time to pick his wife and kids  up , he arrived at the hospital , were darlas family's were .

" hi my Mr. And Miss . Wilde " Ravi said quietly .

" Congratulations " Kayla and Leandro smiled at him .

" thank you " he blushed 

Ravi walked over to Darla and said to his babies .

" I will love you foverever and make sure that your always happy " .

" Aww " the Darla's side of the family said .  Ravi's mom huged him and so along his dad , Ravi huged them both at the same time crying with with joy 

Them he sat by Darla and said " I can't believe I am a father " 

" yes you are " Darla said kissing him on the cheek .

" Watch are you going to name them sis ? " Noah asked

" Nick Jr and Avery " Darla said looking at Ravi then Noah.

" I do have a handsome name " Nick blushed .

" Yes you do dad " Noah said .

Judy , Ravi , Darla and some others giggled. 

" I love you Darla " Ravi said 

I do too " she answered. .