All I Ever Wanted is a story by PrinceBalto.
Nick through fence

Judy is all Nick ever wanted without him knowing it


Inspired by parts of the Prince of Egypt song of the same name, Nick talks about what Judy means to him. This is in Nick's POV.


Judy Hopps

My beautiful cottontail

My lovely fluff

Wondrous eyes of amethyst

A long-eared angel

All I ever wanted

I remember the moment I first saw her

She was beautiful

It had been four years since I broke it off with my first fiancee, Roxy Redfur

Then, one day, Judy walked into my life

The moment I saw that gorgeous bunny cop, I was smitten

We cracked the case, falling in love along the way

We busted Bellwether

We admitted our feelings and began to date

Six months later, she was my wife

Truly, she was all I ever wanted

I didn't know it then

She was all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

All I ever wanted