Amethyst eyes is a story by PrinceBalto.
Judy apartment

Nick loves Judy's amethyst eyes.


Nick talks about how much he loves Judy's eyes.


My beloved Cottontail, my beloved Fluff, this is Nick

Oh how your eyes astonish me!

They are purple, a truly beautiful color

I noticed them when I first saw you

They were part of the reason I was smitten with you from the start

Once we fell in love, they were something that I truly noticed

Just a mere glance of them makes my heart beat faster

They are like the amethyst crystals at the museum

Amazing, a sight to behold

They are mine to look into each day

When I wake up

When I am home with you

In the evening

Before I fall asleep at night

Thank you, Judy

Thank you for giving me the gift of your amethyst eyes

My memories of them are as eternal as a star

They have been since we met

They will always be

Now and forever