This song  is wirten by Eva1234dog . sing this song to the tune of the song  called daylight  ....... nick • 🎵 so as the hearts fly bye my Head is going crazy .. Over you  wowoh , when I wake up I see you on the side  of our bed ... Because in the daylight the hearts fly bye and want to hold you so close , because in the daylight I will love forever ! Wowowwowoh ya 🎵 juddy • so our
Mouth ajar Nick

Nick singing to his lovely wife

heart's fly bye and I will love forever , I know you will never let me down forever . 🎵 nick and juddy • because in the daylight our hearts will fly and will love you forever , wowwowoh oh wow our hearts will fly forever .  and I will
WildeHopps reach

Judy was very emotional after his song .

never let you go 🎵 . the end this song  was written by eva1234dog