Bellwether's Apology is a story by PrinceBalto.

Bellwether apologizes to Nick and Judy


After the savage crisis, King Mufasa Lionheart gave Bellwether a life sentence in prison with no chance of parole for her crime. She will be in there for the rest of her life. Now, some time has passed, a few months after the marriage of Nick and Judy to be exact, and she has come to regret her actions. She asks Nick and Judy to come to the prison so that she can apologize, as she has come to reform in prison.


Nick and Judy entered the prison. After the normal security checks, a guard led them to a meeting area. Bellwether waited behind the glass. Nick and Judy took a seat.

"Hello, you two," Bellwether began.

Judy sighed.

"Hello," she said.

Bellwether got down to business.

"Well, I want you two to know that I am truly, deeply sorry for what I have done. Starting my life sentence gave me some time to think, and I am now a changed sheep," she said.

Nick and Judy shared a look.

"You no longer hate us predators?" Nick asked.

Bellwether looked away, then turned back and shook her head.

"No, and, after this, you will never hear from me again," she said.

Judy was suspicious.

"Do you mean that, or is this a cover for another secret plot of yours?" she asked.

Bellwether sighed.

"I truly mean this, Judy. I just want to put this part of my life behind me. Please believe me," she said.

Judy could hear the truth in Bellwether's voice.

" I accept your apology, but, after what you tried to do to Nick and I, I don't trust you anymore, and I never will," she said.

Bellwether looked her in the eyes.

"Well, I understand, and you seem to be even more protective of him," she said.

Judy frowned.

"He's my husband now," she said.

Bellwether was stunned. She had never heard of a predator/prey marriage.

"Very well, thank you for accepting my apology," she said.

Judy nodded. With that, Nick and Judy left. Nick turned to his wife.

"Relax, cottontail. You're away from her now," he said, kissing her on the head.

Judy took a deep breath.

"Let's just get back to the apartment," she said.

Nick drove them away from the prison. For Bellwether, it was the beginning of the rest of her life in this prison. She would never leave, except once the end of her life had come.