1. Bio :   Danny is the husband of Lani Wilde and the father of Leandro Wilde   and the older brother of Nick and the son of Marian Wilde   and Robin Wilde  and the uncle of Noah Wilde and Darla Wilde .     he's the brother in law of Judy Hopps ( Wilde ) .        
    Danny Wilde

    Danny Wilde

  2. Personality . Danny  would always treat his brother like a baby , and call him baby bro even when they were teens , Danny was always a smarty paints to his younger brother nick .   Danny loved to play football and baseball . Danny didn't mined to get muddy , OK let me tell you some about him that MIT blow your mined . one day Danny was walking to school with his brother and one of the boy scouts that hurt Nick came bye them and said   " awww did you need to  have your brother to walk to school like baby  " and Danny said *  he's not a baby !!!!!!!!!!!! "         Danny scratch him , and called him a fool . and the boy scout ran away . 
  3. Looks : He has Brown fur and a light brown tipped tail and chest . his eyes are blue . he has a scar on his right eye.               dashertheicepup 23:33, September 13, 2016 (UTC)

Family .

Lani Wilde = wife 

Leandro Wilde = son 

Kayla colen ( Wilde ) = sister in law 

Nick Wilde = brother 

Robin Wilde = dad 

Marian Wilde = mom 

Vixey Wilde- Cousin

Judy Wilde ( Hopps) = sister - in - law 

Noah Wilde  = nephew  

Darla Wilde = niece

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