A new hybrid

Diego the badger Fennec fox hybrid

This is an oc created by Eva1234dog , but is owned by prince balto because he put the couple together who are Finnick and Honey Honey Badger . 


After finnck gets married to Honey , they have a child named Diego . 

Diego is a cute little badger Fennec fox hybrid , who is very sweet , but has more of his dads side , he has more of his dads voice but just a tiny bit lower , he has his dads personality and  is more of a daddy's boy , even though he dose enjoy cooking stuff with his mom , nick and Judy are his god parents , he as gets his Slyness by nick and his smarts from Judy .he has the same height as his dad . he likes to be with his grandmother .


Hes tan like his dad and has orange eyes and his feet and legs are black and white . and has a dule pink mark on his chest like his mom .