Dougray Honey Badger is Madge Honey Badger's husband in 2.0 canon.
Honey Badger

An actual honey badger standing in for him

About him

Dr. Dougray Honey Badger is the curator of the Hall of Paleontology and the chief paleontologist at the Zootopia Museum of Natural History. He has worked there since he was a young man, and his favorite display is the museum's Tyrannosaurus rex. Instead of being in his office, he prefers to be out on the floor, passing on his knowledge. Rather than presenting things in a boring manner, he makes prehistory fun for both kids and adults alike with great stories about the lives of the creatures in the exhibits. The dinosaurs, of which they display many, many species, are his favorite exhibits of all. He also appears quite often in paleontology documentaries on Zootopian TV. He is an expert particularly on large carnivorous dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex and Allosaurus, though he is knowledgable about dinosaurs, as well as other prehistoric creatures, in general as well. In his personal life, he is the husband of Dr. Madge Honey Badger and the father of their young adult daughter, Honey, as well as the father-in-law of Finnick and the grandfather of Diego.


  • He isn't sure what to make of his daughter's paranoia.
  • His favorite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • He appears in documentaries, often as the host.
  • He is regared as the greatest paleontologist in Zootopia.
  • He is named after actor Dougray Scott, who, in PrinceBalto's imagination, does his voice and played Moses in the 2006 version of The Ten Commandments.
  • His favorite type of dinosaurs are the carnivorous species, but he likes all dinosaurs.
  • He owns fossils at home, including a velociraptor skull, a tyrannosaurus tooth and more.
  • His office is absolutely full of dinosaur and prehistoric creature memorabilia.
  • His favorite non-dinosaur creature is the giant ape Gigantopithecus.