Dr. Madge Honey Badger is the mother of Honey Honey Badger.
Dr Madge Honey Badger

Madge is the mother of Honey

About her

Madge is a female Honey badger who was appointed by Mayor Lionheart in order to take care of the savage animals at Cliffside Asylum. She was arrested, but set free shortly later when it was revealed that she only looked after them, and had nothing to do with actually kidnapping them, as the wolf capture team was hired and payed by Lionheart. She has a husband, Dr. Dougray Honey Badger, the head paleontologist at the Zootopia Museum of Natural History, and a young adult daughter, Honey, who is paranoid about sheep taking over the city. She is the family doctor of the Wilde Family, and owns her own private practice, Badger Health Clinic. Though her full married surname is Honey Badger, she answers to being called Dr. Badger. She is regarded as one of the best doctors in the world. She has numerous other patients. She is the mother-in-law of Finnick and the grandmother of Diego.


  • In her spare time, she loves the music of Jerry Vole.
  • She is somewhat annoyed by her daughter's paranoia, but doesn't speak of it much.
  • She has her own private practice.
  • She was in jail only a short time before being released.