Find A Little Heaven is a songfic by PrinceBalto.
Nick wants to kiss

Nick shows his wife how to find a little heaven in Zootopia


The song used here is a slightly modified version of the theme song from the All Dogs go to Heaven TV series. In it, Judy, feeling stress from various responsibilities at her job and so on, learns from Nick to find a little heaven, as much as that is possible in the great city of Zootopia. I like this song a lot, and wanted to use it in a story, even in modified form. Enjoy!


Judy sighed as she sat on the couch in her and her husband Nick's apartment. Ever since starting up her new job at the offices of Wilde Restaurants, Inc after leaving the ZPD, she had been counted on more and more in the office. Sure, Robin, Marian and Vixey were all there to help her, but it was still tiring. One bunny could only take so much. Nick saw her stress, and smiled at his wife.

"How about a little walk in our great city of Zootopia?" he asked.

Judy finally smiled.

"Sure," she said.

They got dressed, left the apartment, got in one of their cars, and left. Arriving downtown, they parked in one of the low-price parking lots and went off for their walk. Nick smiled.

"Now, Cottontail, I am going to teach you a little lesson," he said.

Judy turned, smiling.

"What lesson is that?" she asked.

Nick sighed happily.

"Judy, my gorgeous cottontail, you need to learn to find a little heaven, even here in Zootopia," he said.

Judy looked at him, perplexed. Nick was moved by the music in his soul, and he began to sing:


Zootopians say it's quite a way to heaven

Many miles beyond a distant star

Now I know that all Zootopians go to heaven

But until we chase our dreams that far

We will find a little heaven

Everywhere around us

Find a little heaven

Everywhere we are

This might not be paradise

But boy it sure is fun

And we're not perfect angels, why pretend?

Through funny times and sad ones

Lucky breaks and bad ones

We always come out smiling in the end

Judy then joined in.

Nick and Judy

We find a little heaven

Everywhere around us

Find a little heaven

You and I, my love!

Judy's stress melted away. Yes, she would continue to face pressure at work, she now had something to help her. When they stopped, she hugged him tightly.

"Thank you for the help, sly fox," she said.

Nick smiled.

"I have already found my heaven," he said, kissing her head.

Judy was more than happy. They finished their walk, then headed for their car to head home.