Fuli is the teen daughter of Benjamin and Rebekah Clawhauser in 2.0 canon.
Fuli smile

Fuli Clawhauser, star high school athlete


Fuli originated in The Lion Guard.

About her

Fuli is the fourteen-year old daughter of Benjamin and Rebekah Clawhauser. She is a student at King Mohatu Lionheart Memorial High School, where is the star athlete of the track and field team, on which she is considered the fastest. She is a champion who has appeared on the news for her abilities. However, her parents always make sure that her education comes before her athletics, which she doesn't protest. She can be a bit cocky, which her parents work to temper. In her off time, she enjoys spending time with friends, listening to Gazelle music, a like that she picked up from her father, and exercising, which she got from her mother. She loves her family, and doesn't like it if someone says something bad about them. She accompanied her parents to Nick and Judy's wedding.


  • She is a star high school athlete.
  • She is the fastest on her team.
  • She is a Gazelle fan.
  • She was a guest at Nick and Judy's wedding.
  • She becomes the girlfriend of Chief Bogo's son Jake after the savage crisis. They were inspired by Nick and Judy's relationship, but had sort developed crushes on one another prior to that, despite the fact that it wasn't a normal thing in pre-savage crisis Zootopia.