Honey Honey Badger is a female Honey badger in the Zootopia 2.0 canon.
Honey Honey Badger

Honey Honey Badger, Finnick's girlfriend.


Honey was originally going to be in the film, but was cut from it. While PrinceBalto's version retains the paranoia of sheep taking over the city, she is made into a young adult character that isn't so stocky, as seen in the concept image. She is the daughter of a paleontologist and a doctor in Zootopia 2.0.

About her

The daughter of Dr. Dougray Honey Badger, the head paleontologist at Zootopia's natural history museum, and Dr. Madge Honey Badger, a major city doctor, Honey is an old school friend of Nick Wilde's who attented the same elementary school for predators that he did. Her most distinct trait, born out of the fact that she is a conspiracy theorist, is an intense paranoia that sheep are going to take over the city, which only got worse after Bellwether perpetrated the savage crisis. She is the girlfriend of Finnick. She works as a waitress at Stripes Restaurant and is a conspiracy theorist. Her favorite TV show is Monsters and Mysteries in Zootopia. Over time, she became close to Judy, to the point of being her sidekick in similar way to how Finnick was Nick's sidekick. At Nick and Judy's wedding, she was the maid of honor. She eventually marries Finnick.


  • She is old friends with Nick Wilde, Finnick and Bolt Barker. The four of them have known one another since they were in elementary school, attending the same school for predator children.
  • Her paranoia got worse after Bellwether caused the savage crisis.
  • She is Finnick's girlfriend, despite their size difference.
  • She was Judy's maid of honor at her wedding to Nick.
  • She is a conspiracy theorist.
  • She eventually becomes Finnick's wife.
  • She loves the show Monsters and Mysteries in Zootopia.