I Love Him is a POV story by PrinceBalto.
Judy bed

Judy loves her sly fox


In this story, Nick and Judy are married, and Judy declares her love for Nick at all times of the day. Judy is now working at Wilde Restaurants, Inc.


I lay asleep.

Then, it comes to an end. My eyes open, and right there, waiting for me, is my beloved husband Nick. His emerald green eyes gleam with love. He leans in, holds me close and kisses me sweetly, and then smiles proudly, clearly glad to have me as his wife. He loves no other female and this is completely apparent here and now. He holds my hand. For one long instant, I remember everything that brought us together. It was true love.

"Good morning, beautiful," he says, truly meaning every world. When we were dating, he told me that I was the most beautiful female that he had ever seen, and I still remember it vividly to this day. That is a far better name, I momentarily think to myself. I rub the sleepiness from my eyes with my free hand. The night is gone. Once more, the sun has risen over Zootopia. The time for work has come.

Yet, much as I know that we can't, I want to stay here and stare into his dreamy eyes. However, there will be plenty of time for that later. As we shower, eat, get dressed and head off for work, I can't wait to look into his eyes again. I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM! I declare in my mind. Nick, king of my heart, my sly fox, you are the most handsome male I have ever seen.

For me, Nick is a dream come true.