This story is by Eva1234dog it is about Leandro having a dream about nick and his boy scout incident .


nick : i think i was 8 or maby 9 and all wanted to do was join the junior ranger scouts so my mom scraped up enough money to by my a uniform , because by god I was going to fit in even if I was the only predator  Wood Chuck,  : hey nick , ready for initiation ?
Nick with Zebra
Even though youre a fox

Nick: ya pretty much Born ready !

Wood Chuck : OK now raise your right paw and deliver the oth .

Nick : I nick Wilde pledge to be brave , fair and trustworthy .

Woodchuck : even though your a fox !

Nick : huh 

  • they kick him * 

Nick : no you guys what do I do wrong what did I do !!!!!

Wood Chuck : if you ever think we'd trust a fox without a muzzle your even dumber than you look !!!

  • Laughter by boys scouts *
  • Nick crying* 
  • leandro getting up from this dream * 

Leandro : wow what just happened ?

Was that my uncle ?

Its only 5:56 dang that  was a quick dream !.

Later that day leandro went to go visit his uncle .

Leandro: hey , uncle nick can I ask you something ?

Nick : anything ,my boy .

Leandro : what dose it mean when you have a dream about a family members past , and you weren't born yet .

Nick : well , it would usually mean that your worried about it or you saw something that was from it .

Nick : why do you ask ?

Leandro : well I had a dream about you and some junior ranger scouts hurting you . is that true ?

Nick was silent and it looked like he was about to cry but ....

Nick : *sigh *yes it is true it was my dream to become one . when they got to me it was like going to jail , and when I see a muzzle I will always run .

Leandro : wow , that must of been scary .

Nick : yes it was and that is why I freaked out when you joined it .

Leandro : well at lest I know !