Jasmine is co-owned by Eva1234dog and created by PrinceBalto.
Red fox close up

An actual Red fox standing in for her.


Jasmine, full maiden name Jasmine Vulpis, is the daughter-in-law of Nick and Judy, the wife of their son Noah. She was born in downtown Zootopia, and met Noah while both were studying at Zootopia University. She is very beautiful.


She is loyal and kind, but fiery if upset. She works at Wilde Restaurants, Inc.


  • Her mom is Nick's previous love, Roxy Vulpis, nee Redfur. But, after they broke up, she married some other fox and Nick ended up with Judy.
  • She is named after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.
  • "Vulpis" is an alternate form of "Vulpes", the scientific name for a fox. It was also chosen as a nod to the fox Pokemon Vulpix.