Judy's Big Announcement is a short story by PrinceBalto.
Judy as a meter maid

Judy gives her big announcement


Judy announces to Nick that they are going to have a family of their own.


  • This is set after Nick and Judy's first anniversary.
  • This story is inspired by and uses modified dialogue from the 2011 novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan.


Nick came home to his and Judy's apartment that day full of joy and pride. After some time spent as the manager of Stripes Restaurant, he had been promoted to a high-ranking official of  the company by his parents. Judy also had news for them, but news of far more importance than a promotion at work. Nick smiled at her. Not long ago, they had celebrated their first anniversary.

"Hello, Cottontail. I have big news for you," he said, holding his wife close and kissing her.

Judy returned the kiss.

"I also have news for you, and I bet mine is bigger," she said.

Nick laughed.

"I don't know...mine is pretty hard to beat," he said.

Judy smiled.

"Mine is bigger still," she said.

Nick nodded.

"I just got promoted to an official of the company at work," he said.

Judy smiled sweetly.

"I'm pregnant," she said.

Nick's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped for a moment. Then, he spoke.

"Ok, you win," he said.

He then held Judy close.

"Oh, Cottontail, this is wonderful news!" he said.

Judy smiled.

"I know. I am just as excited," she said happily.

Just then, a thought hit Nick.

"Judy, please tell me that we're not going to outdo your parents," he said.

Judy laughed.

"No, Nick. You're not a bunny, so that's not a concern," she said.

Nick and Judy were so eager and proud. They went, called and told his parents, followed by hers. Both Robin and Marian and Stu and Bonnie were overjoyed that they were about to be grandparents. They couldn't wait until the baby came.