WildeHopps Walk

Nick and Judy are going out on date to a very special breakfast at a restaurant


Nick took Judy out on a suspire date .


" nick , where are we going " Judy asked .

" you'll see my miss . Wilde " nick smirch .

" well it better be something good because it still really early in the morning " Judy said .

"Now , close your eyes we are almost there " nick said .

" oh and your nose " he added .

Nick held Judy to the side of him so she doesn't run into anything while her eyes were closed , they walked to the out door restaurant where nick set up the table and food for her with a little help from Fenick who works there .

"OK , open your eyes " the foxy smiled .

Judy opened her eyes , she had no words her face turned red , and she started to cry she ran and hugged nick .

  • crying * thank you my cute fox !!!!! I can't Believe you did all this just for me ! " Judy said in joy .

"And Fenick cooked your favorite food " nick smiled .

"Nick took me your favorites "Fenick said .

" oh nick " ! Judy said .

" well let's eat my smart bunny " nick said .

And that is the surprise date from nick to Judy .