Kalya is the wife of Leandro Wilde,                 


Kayla colen

Kayla is a very sweet fox with a shy personality , She meet Leandro in elementary school  and feel in loved with him , at school she felt like and out cast  , but her friends would tell her she wasn't . Leandro feel in love with after he saw her sing for the talent show  at school   . Kayla started to date Leandro around 14 .    

Looks :

She is a tan fox with blue eyes and a light tan tipped tail and two light tan socks on her arms .

Triva :

She went to school with Leandro all her school life years .

her last name before married is Colen    .

The reson why she felt like    a outcast is because she was a child to a step mom and  no father and had a bad child hood growing up , and thought that others would make fun of her for that .

A song she sings for Leandro :Own it like you know you can !