• Bio : lani Wilde is the wife of Danny Wilde and the mother of Leandro Wilde  , she's the sister in law of Judy and the aunt of Noah Wilde and Darla Wilde .    
    Lani Wilde

    Lani Wilde

  • 2. personality . she's very sweet , she loves to hang out with Judy on family nights , She works at city hall at the front desk for answering the phone ,  she enjoys watching Bass ball . When she was a kid she was in girl scouts , but she had to quite after she moved to Zootopia . She would away make sure that her son leandro was prepared for anything even earthquakes . 
  • Family .
  • Danny Wilde = husband 
  • Leandro Wilde = son 
  • Nick Wilde = brother in law 
  • Judy Hopps = sister in law
  •  Noah Wilde= nephew 
  • Darla Wilde = niece 
  • Robin Wilde  = father in law 
  • Marian Wilde = mother in law 

Stories she's in .

Danny's 13ths birthday .