Marian Wilde is a character in Revan and Eva's 2.0 continuity.
Marian vixen

Marian Wilde


Marian originated in Disney's Robin Hood.

About her

Marian Wilde, born Marian Bushytail, is the wife of Robin Wilde and the mother of his two sons, Danny and Nick. She is the grandmother to Noah, Darla and Leandro and the aunt to Vixey Wilde. She has a younger sister named Rachel. She is also the mother-in-law to both Judy Wilde, formerly Judy Hopps, and the wife of Danny, Lani. She is the co-owner of Wilde Restaurants, Inc, the biggest restaurant company in Zootopia. She is a friend and business mentor to Gazelle, whom she sponsored alongside Robin when Gazelle was just a young up and coming singer putting on her first major concert.


  • Like her husband, she has an accent that her son Nick lacks.
  • However, this incarnation of Marian sounds different to the voice heard in Robin Hood due to the voice actress that PrinceBalto assigned to the Zootopian version of her imitating the original actress.