Melissa Snowpaws is a Snow leopardess and a co-anchor at ZNN in Zootopia 2.0.
Snow leopardess Zootopia

My version of the Snow leopardess reporter from the film


Melissa Snowpaws is the name PrinceBalto gave to the Snow leopardess reporter seen in Zootopia. He has also expanded upon her character, giving her a husband and a son.

About her

Melissa is Peter Moosebridge's co-anchor at ZNN. She is a native of Tundratown, where she was born and raised. She has reported on numerous stories, most recently the savage crisis. She escaped that incident unscaved. When not working, she resides at her home in Tundratown, where she lives with her husband, Mike, and teenage son, Jason.


  • She lives in Tundratown.