Nick's Nightmare is a short fic by PrinceBalto.
Nick horrified

Nick has a nightmare of Judy's death in childbirth


One night, when Judy is pregnant with their son Noah, he has a horrible nightmare of his wife dying in childbirth. However, it is only a dream.


Nick stood at Judy's side as she was bringing their child into the world. He was ready to be a dad, and very excited. Nick gazed into Judy's eyes.

"You're almost there, gorgeous," he said, caressing her head with his left hand.

However, the joy was not to last. As the child came closer to coming into the world, everything went horribly wrong. Judy's pain became even more intense. Her eyes began to close and her screaming became even louder.

"Nick!" she shouted.

Nick was there, trying to comfort her, trying to help her. However, it was no use. Judy groaned in misery. She knew that it would be over in moments.

"Nick...I truly, deeply love you..." she said, her voice a pained whisper.

And with that, Judy's eyes closed and she died. Nick put his ear to her heart, hoping for even a faint sign of life. There was nothing. Judy was dead. She could not be brought back.

"NO!" Nick shouted.

And that was when the handsome fox awoke with a sudden, loud shout. Judy was woken up by the sound.

"Nick, what's wrong?" she asked in a groggy voice.

Nick gave a sigh of relief. She was safe with him in their house.

"Judy! You’re alive!" he said excitedly.

Judy gave her husband a strange look.

"Did you just have a nightmare?" she asked.

Nick nodded.

"You died delivering our child," he stated.

Judy placed a paw on her belly, knowing that she would have her child any day now. She then placed her hand to the side of Nick's face in a comforting manner.

"It was just a nightmare, my love. As you can see, I am very much alive," she said in a comforting tone.

Nick's heart was slowing its pounding.

"I don't want it to become real," he said, trying to keep the tears from his eyes.

Judy gave the love of her life, her sly fox, a sweet, compassionate smile.

"It won't. Sleep, Nick. You need it," she said.

Judy then went back to sleep. Nick did so as well after a few minutes. However, the nightmare was never far from his mind the rest of the night. It would only be banished with the first light of dawn.