This is an apartment owned by Nick Wilde in PrinceBalto's sequel to Zootopia, Loss of Heroes.

About it

This apartment is located in downtown Zootopia, at the Grand Pangolin Arms, the same apartment complex where Nick's girlfriend and partner on the police force, Judy Hopps, lives. Immediately following the savage crisis, when Nick put in his application to the ZPD, Judy helped him further get his life on track by helping him get an apartment in her building, so, that when he finished his training at the Police Academy, he would have a home to go back to. Close to the end of his police academy training, when they admitted their feelings and became boyfriend and girlfriend, she became a regular visitor to the apartment. Though fairly small, it is a comfortable place to live.


  • Living area/bedroom- Main area where Nick spends time and also has his bed. He also watches TV here.
  • Kitchen- Small area to prepare meals.
  • Bathroom- Where Nick showers and so on.