This is the two-bedroom apartment Nick and Judy dwell in for a year in Zootopia 2.0, before both Noah and Darla were born.

About it

After getting engaged, Nick invited Judy to live with him at his parents' home once they were married. However, Judy very politely declined, citing that she wanted them to have their privacy, including for romantic moments. Nick liked the sound of it, and, during the wedding planning, they got this apartment. It is located in Savannah Central, in the Savannah Heights complex, and is located on the first floor. It is a two bedroom unit. They live there for a year. In that year, they have a great time and are very happy, experiencing many wondrous firsts as a married couple. Following that, Judy gets pregnant with Noah, and they find an actual house in which to raise their child. They keep fond memories of their year in this apartment.


  • Living room- Where Nick and Judy spend time, watch TV and hang out.
  • Kitchen- Where meals are prepped.
  • Dining table- Located near the sofa, this is where meals are eaten.
  • Nick and Judy's bedroom- Where Nick and Judy sleep at night.
  • Second bedroom- Used as an office.
  • Bathroom- Used to bathe, brush teeth and so on.