This is the two-story home in which Nick and Judy live in following the discovery of Judy's first pregnancy.

About it

Upon discovering that Judy was pregnant with her and Nick's first child, Nick and Judy knew that they needed more space. To that end, they began searching for an actual house. They found a nice two story in a little area in Savannah Central, in the same general area where their apartment complex had been. It is made of brown brick, with green outside shutters. It is a two story, and it is here where Nick and Judy live for the rest of their lives.


  • Living room- Where the Wilde family spends time, watches TV, celebrates holidays and so on.
  • Kitchen- Where meals are prepped.
  • Dining room- Located right next to the kitchen, this is where meals are eaten.
  • Stairway- Located in the entryway, this is where one would go to go upstairs
  • Downstairs bathroom-  Located under the stairway, this is the small downstairs bathroom.
  • Noah's room- The bedroom of Noah.
  • Darla's room- When she is old enough, Darla moves in and sleeps here. Originally, this was used as a storage room, but was made into a bedroom when Judy became pregnant again and they knew that the child would eventually need their own room.
  • Nick and Judy's room- A large bedroom with its own bathroom, this is where Nick and Judy sleep.
  • Backyard- A decent-size outside area where the Wilde kids play through their childhood.
  • Frontyard- The front of the house.
  • Garage- Where Nick and Judy's cars are parked.
  • Pantry- Where food is stored. It is also the passageway from the garage to the house.