Noah Wilde is the son of Nick and Judy in Zootopia 2.0. He belongs to PrinceBalto.
Noah Wilde

Noah Wilde, son of Nick and Judy in Zootopia 2.0

About him

Shortly after the savage incident, Nick and Judy fell in love and began dating. Following that, they married and had a son, whom they named Noah. Noah is a grey-furred hybrid with a fox-like face and muzzle one green eye, one purple eye, a bunny's nose and a bunny's tail. He loves his family and friends. He is a fun-loving, playful child. In Zootopia, in PrinceBalto's interpretation, hybrids are both possible and known to exist. As a child, he is fond of cartoons, building toys and pretending to be a superhero. Around five or six years old, he gets a little sister named Darla, who he loves very much. As a teen and young adult, he is a fan of Gazelle. His favorite actor or actress is Sasha Lionheart. His favorite film of hers is Heroes of Old Zootopia. In his young adult years, he goes to college at Zootopia University, studies hard, graduates with two degrees and honors, and, as he gets older, becomes an employee of Wilde Restaurants, Inc. As a young adult, he falls in love with, dates and marries a female fox named Jasmine, the daughter of his father's ex-fiancee Roxy, and they have a daughter named Alethea. Growing up, Noah also had close family friends in Sasha Lionheart (whenever she wasn't working), Bejamin, Rebekah and Fuli Clawhauser, and others. As an adult, he is about the same height as his father. He was named after his maternal great-grandfather.

In mainline continuity

Noah's story is much the same in this version as it is in the 2.0 version.


  • He is named after the Biblical figure Noah.
  • His mother-in-law was once his father's fiancee.
  • He enjoys pizza.
  • He was named after the father of Bonnie Hopps, his great-grandfather on Judy's side, Noah Hopps.