Once a Kit, Now a Grown Fox is a POV story by PrinceBalto.

Gazelle speaks of Nick and how long she has known him


Gazelle met Nick when he was just eight years old, when she was an up and coming pop sensation of eighteen years of age. For long, she has been one of Nick's family's closest friends, and she saw Nick grow up. Now, following the fox's marriage to Judy, she expresses her feelings of happiness for him, as well as memories of him as a kit.



Once an adorable kit

Now a handsome grown fox

I remember the day I met you

You were just an eight-year old kit, spending time with your aunt

I was just eighteen

I had come to conduct business with your parents, as they were to sponsor my first concert

From that first meeting, I became their close friend

I watched you grow

Oh, what a sight it was

Now, here you are

Grown up



Yes, you are married, to the love of your life

To see you so happy makes me happy

A long and happy marriage to you, Nick Wilde

I also wish you a long and happy life

Don't forget

Try everything