Our Hearts Beat As One is a fanfic by PrinceBalto.
Nick and Judy

Nick and Judy's hearts beat as one


Nick and Judy's wedding, from their POV's.



There she comes

Judy looks absolutely gorgeous

Her wedding dress is pure white

Around her veil, she wears a crown of red flowers

A beautiful crown, just perfect for the queen of my heart

Judy has stolen my heart

I never want it back

I am nervous

More so than I have ever been

My heart is beating

I slightly adjust my tuxedo coat

Her father leads her to the altar

Now it is time


There he is, the king of my heart

That fox looks ever so handsome

The tuxedo makes it even more apparent

I love the glance of his dreamy green eyes

My father gives me to him

The wolf holy man begins

We say our vows, remembering what brought us together

Then that wondrous moment comes

We are declared husband and wife

Nick is told that he can now kiss his bunny bride

Nick and Judy

As we kiss

Our hearts beat as one