Our Life Together is a story by PrinceBalto.
Mrs Wilde

Judy speaks of her and Nick's life together


A poem-style piece set over the course of Nick and Judy's marriage, spanning from their wedding day to their late elderly years, when Nick passes on


Nick Wilde

My handsome sly fox

Today is our wedding day



The sly fox and the former ZPD officer

We are in love

We take our vows

We are now husband and wife

A year later, our son Noah is born

He is our pride and joy

We will tell him about all our adventures

He lives a happy childhood, free of our troubles

His teen years are also happy, nothing goes wrong

Years pass, Noah is now a young man

We are getting older

You are now head of your family's business

It continues to grow

More years go by

We do and see so many things

Eventually, our twilight years dawn

We have both grown old

It is obvious that we are both at the end of our lives

One day, the saddest day of my life occurs

In your sleep, due to your age, you pass away

I feel that you have no pulse

I know that you are gone

I call those I need to call

Soon, it is time to plan your funeral

When there, I cry hard

No one can comfort me

Not our son, not our daughter

Not our son's wife, not our granddaughter

The wound on my heart will be there from now on

Before long, my time will come

We will be reunited in that great beyond

I love you, Nick Wilde

I have loved you since I met you

That will not end now