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Kayla showing leandro he can completed his police mission , will a little help , from her !

( sing this song to the tone of Romeo and Juliet ) 

Characters : Leandro and Kayla 

Kayla: 🎵 I rember when I was young I had a step mom because my first  dad died , and my first mom too I only had a mom and when I went to school I felt like a out cast , I aways though people would make fun of me for that , but I had to stick around for a little while .

Kayla : All I know is  that I don't want you to fail your Mission on finding the jeweller stealers , oh ya 

Kayla : please don't let  me down I believen you , Your  life was good , I wish I could change my pass , so please just follow you Herat for some reason I think everything turns out fine for you and everyone else .

Leandro : don't worrie Kayla Im here for you ! I feel bad about you past but don't worrie I won't let anything happen to you ,  because your my wife and I love you !!!!!!!!!!

Leandro : Since I'm a police officer I will always look after y-y -ou.


Kayla and Leandro : I want  you to own it - own it  - own it like you can whoh wow oh ya ohohoh wow oww owwwowo ohhhh ya woe !

Kayla and Leandro ( calmly ) : own it own it .🎵

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