Past Pain is a story by PrinceBalto.
Young Nick

Nick and Judy have come closer through their past pain


Nick and Judy have both experienced pain in their past. Together, these shared experiences have caused them to bond as a couple. The style this tale is written in is inspired by such works as the novelization of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, which is a style I really like and plan to work with more. I want to get better at it, so expect more stories like this.


It was a long road that brought Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps together.

However, one shared moment that is in the back of their minds is their past pain. It is not physical pain, but emotional. Both have borne the brunt of the cruelty and narrow-mindedness of others. Those moments are over, and there is nothing that can be done to change them. They are old wounds, but ones that they have overcome.

Nick can still remember that one horrible night at the Junior Ranger Scouts meeting. The feeling of helplessnes as the mean prey kids ganged up on him, placed the muzzle on him, tore his uniform and took turns going after him. He remembered the tears as he fled the building into the alleyway, the feeling of terror as he unsuccessfuly attempted to get the muzzle off as his parents came running. Robin and Marian got it off, but the wound had been inflicted on his emotions. He went home that night, sad. That incident lead to his long-time fear of muzzles.

Judy still remembers the incident with Gideon Grey. Though she has forgiven him, it will always be in her mind: his cruel words, claws slicing flesh. Judy has proven him wrong, but it is still with her, deep down. She remembers her mother treating her wounds with the stinging cleaning solution. However, Gideon's words cut far more than his claws. Those would take longer to heal. Also hurting were the words spoken by Nick. Judy can remember him calling her "Dumb Bunny" to her face. That was a very low point in her life.

Now, Nick and Judy have weathered the storms of their pasts. They have both overcome and proven their detractors wrong. In each other's arms, they find comfort and happiness. When they embrace, it is as if a strong rain washes away those memories. Each kiss, each moment of romance, reminds them that those days are over. Judy smiles, knowing that their love is true. Their love is build on a rock, a large, heavy strong rock capable of withstanding any storm or conflict unleashed upon it. He will always be her sly fox, and she will always be his cottontail.

Through their love, the past pain is now forgotten.