This is a timeline of events for Zootopia 2.0.
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The timeline of Zootopia 2.0

About this timeline

This is an official listing of all events in Zootopia 2.0, which is PrinceBalto's remake continuity.


  • Nick Wilde is born to Robin and Marian Wilde.
  • Four years after that, Judy Hopps is born the first child of Stu and Bonnie Hopps. More children come in the years that follow, ultimately totaling 276 when Judy is in her twenties.
  • When Nick is eight, the Junior Ranger Scouts incident happens. A week later, Nick meets Gazelle for the first time.
  • When Judy is nine, the incident with Gideon Grey happens.
  • Fifteen years later, Judy becomes a ZPD officer and the savage crisis occurs. Judy meets Nick for the first time and they crack the case. A romance is brewing the whole time.
  • Immediately following Bellwether's arrest, Nick and Judy begin dating.
  • Right after he and Judy begin dating, Nick, for his efforts in helping Judy, is once more offered an application to become a ZPD officer, which he, again, turns down due to the fact that his parents wouldn't approve. Because of his heroism, however, Judy and Bogo want him on the ZPD's side. Thus, he is made a reserve ZPD officer.
  • A short time after they start dating, they kiss for the first time.
  • After six months, Nick proposes marriage to Judy, and she accepts. She leaves the ZPD for safety reasons. Nick also resigns his reserve officer commission for the same reason.
  • After a few months of preparing, Nick and Judy get married. During the planning, they get an apartment. They honeymoon at Wild Times Resort. Upon coming back, they move in to their apartment, furnishing it as they like.
  • At some point, Finnick marries his girlfriend, Honey Honey Badger.
  • Nick and Judy enjoy their first anniversary at the hotel at the Zootopia Galleria.
  • Some time after that, Judy realizes that she is pregnant. Nick's parents retire and Nick becomes head of the restaurant company. Nine months later, Noah Wilde is born.
  • In the years that follow, Darla is born.
  • Eighteen years after that, Noah is a young adult.
  • Some years later, in his twenties, Noah marries his longtime girlfriend, Jasmine.
  • Sometime after that, Jasmine has their daughter Alethea.
  • Many years pass. Nick and Judy continue to have a long, happy life, and Nick and Judy reach old age. Finally, Nick dies of his advanced old age in his sleep.
  • Judy dies of, some say, a broken heart very shortly after. She and Nick are given a double funeral and buried together.
  • Noah and Darla both continue on with their lives.