Ravi Delgado

Ravi is from India but he moved to Zootopia because he was an orfin because his mom and dad were killed in very sad indecent , the orfinge in India didn't have any room Left for him , so that's why they shipped him to Zootopia , his parents were killed a in a terror attack by a bomb when he was 6  .he  got adopted at the age of 8 his step parents were very nice to him and made sure he was always safe and didn't have nightmares about his first parents . his first language was Hindi than English Luckily his step mom and dad knew how to speak Hindi.


He is soft Herated and loves to play cricket ( cricket is baseball but with a flat bat people in India play it ) he loves to bake with his mom , and loves to to fix stuff with his dad and made a lot of friends in school and meet this pretty girl name of Darla Wilde in middle school and got married to her and had a boy and a girl ( Nick Jr and Avery . He's grey a fox and has brown tipped ears and tail and a brown sock on his Left paw  and icy blue eyes .