Rebekah Clawhauser's is PrinceBalto's OC and Clawhauser's wife.
Rebekah Clawhauser

Rebekah Clawhauser, Benjamin's wife

About her

Rebekah Clawhauser, born Rebekah Spotson, is an exceptionally attractive female cheetah and the wife of Benjamin Clawhauser, as well as the mother of Fuli Clawhauser. She works as a wedding planner and planned Nick and Judy's wedding. She is regarded as the best wedding planner in Zootopia. She, unlike her husband Benjamin and like her daughter Fuli, has the typical cheetah physique. She and Clawhauser are very much in love. In her spare time, she loves running on her treadmill, watching TV, dancing and visiting the natural history museum. She also loves Gazelle's music and the annual wedding expo, which she has a booth at every year. She and Clawhauser met at a cafe at the Zootopia Galleria Mall that they both frequent when neither of them are working. During the savage crisis, she kept Fuli at home, having her take her school work home with her. She was the planner of Nick and Judy's wedding.


  • She planned Nick and Judy's wedding.
  • She feared greatly for her daughter during the savage crisis.
  • Her planning work is in high demand.
  • Clawhauser affectionately calls her "Sweets", which she enjoys.