Robin Wilde is a character in Revan and Eva's Zootopia 2.0 continuity.

Robin Wilde


Robin originally came from Disney's Robin Hood.

About him

Robin is a prominent businessman in Zootopia, the owner of Wilde Restaurants, Inc. He is the husband of Marian Wilde and also the father of Danny and Nick Wilde, as well as the grandfather to Noah, Darla and Leandro Wilde, and the uncle of Vixey Wilde. Overcoming the stereotype of foxes, he has brought the family business to new heights of success. He loves his family immensely and was so proud of his younger son, Nick, when he helped to save the city. He also loves his daughter-in-law, Judy Wilde, nee Judy Hopps, and is glad that Nick found her. He is close friends with her parents, Stu and Bonnie.


  • He has an accent that at least one of his sons (Nick) lacks.