Sailor Bunny is a parody of Sailor Moon by PrinceBalto.
Judy Hopps as Sailor Moon

Pretty guardian Sailor Bunny!


In this parody of Sailor Moon, while investigating a crime for the ZPD, Judy finds a broach that, when used, turns her into the pretty guardian known as Sailor Bunny. At the same time, she finds the help of the mysterious Tuxedo Fox, who turns out to be Nick, the love of her life!


  • Judy is Sailor Moon, and Nick is Tuxedo Mask.

Idea startup

It seemed like any other day for Judy Hopps.

She had achieved her dream. She was now a ZPD officer. She had brought Bellwether to justice, with the help of her now-boyfriend Nick. She was living her dream, and she couldn't be more proud. She and Nick were so madly in love. He was brave, kind, handsome, everything she could ever want in a male. Just looking into his eyes caused her heart to beat excitedly.

However, things were about to change forever. One day, they got called to a building in the Rainforest District, a place where she would discover an item that would change her forever. In her was another heroine altogether, one that had more power than she could ever hope for, a new guardian for the great city of Zootopia.

Sailor Bunny was about to come into the world.