Shere Khan is Zootopia's biggest crime boss in Zootopia 2.0 canon.
Shere Khan TaleSpin

Shere Khan, the most infamous and dangerous crime lord in Zootopia


The incarnation of Shere Khan appearing here is the version that appears in the early 90's Disney show TaleSpin.

About him

Shere Khan, a tall, muscular and strong tiger, is Zootopia's biggest crime boss, bigger than Mr. Big, who is second to him in terms of criminal activity. He has his paws in murder, kidnapping, extortion and many, many more. Married to an equally and thoroughly evil lioness named Zira, Shere Khan rules the criminal underworld of Zootopia through fear and violence. He lives in an estate in downtown Zootopia. Because Zira is somehow unable to have cubs, they have no children. He wears an expensive blue-colored suit. After laying low at his estate during the savage crisis, Shere Khan had a good laugh after hearing about Bellwether and her plot on the news, mocking the sheep mercilessly for getting caught as he watched the news report on television.


  • This incarnation of Shere Khan was chosen for the story because he was already an anthro.