This is a poem wirten by Eva1234dog it all took  place after nick wild moved to zootopia  in chapter one in the story   Zootopia: Friends Reunited . while nick moves to Zootopia. Only nick sings this poem

Only you can take my Herat away 

Your like the sun and I'm the moon 

I'm the night your the day

Your eyes took my Herat away from bunnie burrow to Zootopia 

I never though  I could see something as pretty as you 

If I had an bow and arrow I would into the sky and wish it would hit a pretty   star  because that star is you !

I join the junior ranger scouts but that didn't turn out good .

I'm pretty sure your life is going fine right now 

I bevelive you can be a police officer 

Tell my friends. I said hi .

I will always be there ...

Be there ....

Angel x scamp lover 12 12:01, September 19, 2016 (UTC)

Nick before junior ranger scouts incident
Young Judy Hopps