The Beginning of Romance is a poem style piece by PrinceBalto.
Officer Wilde

Nick and Judy become boyfriend and girlfriend


In this poem style oneshot, Nick, near the end of his police training, admits his romantic feelings to Judy, she reveals that she feels the same way, and they begin dating.


My name is Nick Wilde

My story is a story of change and a story of overcoming the past

I am a fox

I was hated and looked down upon

Now, because of a certain bunny cop, my life has changed for the better

Her name is Judy Hopps

I helped her solve the savage crisis, and she helped me turn my life around

Because of her, I am now training as a police officer for the ZPD

Each day is rigorous at the academy

She is there to help me, there to encourage me

It is obvious that something has begun to change between us

We are falling in love

The seeds of romance that were planted during the savage crisis are starting to sprout

Time passes, and our attraction grows ever stronger

Then, just before my graduation, it happens

We meet up one evening

We talk a bit

The time comes

I admit my romantic attraction to her

Mention what she means to me

She smiles, and I wait

She admits that she feels the same

In that moment, we agree to begin dating

She is now my girlfriend

I am now her boyfriend

I am very happy now

In my heart, I hope it lasts

She is the bunny for me

She is all I ever wanted