The Mummy is a story by PrinceBalto.
Nick Judy Oasis

Nick and Judy must help save the city once more


At the Museum of Natural History, an ancient terror is unleashed. The mummy of the ancient pharaoh muttankhamun, known as King Mutt to most Zootopians, is revived when a historian innocently reads from a tablet that was found with his mummy. Now, Nick and Judy, only just recently married after dating for six months following the savage crisis, must help their city once again. In my view, Sahara Square was once the Zootopia world's answer to ancient Egypt.


Many thousands of years ago, Zootopia was very different.

The city hadn't been founded yet. What would become the different districts were each inhabited by their own cultures and had their own rulers. Each of them had little contact with one another. In those far-gone days, what would be Sahara Square was ruled by the young and mighty pharaoh Muttankhamun, or, as he would come to be known, King Mutt. Mutt was a powerful and strong dog with white fur. His kingdom was proving to be the most powerful of the mammal kingdoms.

But it was not to last. One evening, a greedy vizier murdered Mutt's in order to take the throne. However, it was not too last. The vizier was caught and executed, and Mutt's body was taken to be mummified. Along with his treasures, a tablet was buried along with Mutt that warned of a horrible fate that awaited anyone who awakened the body. What no one knew was that reading the tablet would bring upon Mutt's curse, and, along with it, ten deadly plagues.

In the present, Mutt's body now resides in Zootopia's Museum of Natural History. For many years, the lack of knowledge of hieroglyphics prevented the staff from reading the tablet, but, now, they have learned to read the language, not knowing that they were about to bring more horror and damage on Zootopia than Bellwether could ever dream of with the savage crisis. Into all of this comes Nick and Judy Wilde, the recently married heroes of Zootopia who are now the only ones who can save the city.

The adventure begins now.