The New Knight is a fanfic by PrinceBalto.
Nick and his parents

Nick with his parents


In a medieval era anthro village, Robin and Marian's son, Nick, comes of age and prepares to seek a bride, and Judy moves to the village, seeking to become a knight, despite the fact that no bunny has ever become one.

Chapter 1

The village of Sherwood was peaceful as usual. Marian, wife of former knight and current lord, Robin, took this opportunity to take a walk with her son, Nick. Nick was now a young adult fox of twenty-eight years. She knew that what she had to say had to be said now. She smiled.

"Son, it's time that you consider taking a bride," she said.

Nick smiled.

"But who?" he asked.

Marian, as usual, was there with a kind word.

"You will know, when the time is right," she said.

Mother and son continued walking on, eventually going home. They were met there by Lord Robin, who warmly greeted his wife and son. Marian smiled.

"I was just talking to your son about seeking a bride," she began.

Robin smiled.

"Well, the time is right," he said.

Marian smiled.

"He's a charmer, just like you," she said.

Robin then got serious again.

"Today, we have something coming up. A rabbit family is moving to the village," he said.

Marian looked curious.

"A rabbit family? Sounds like the village is about to get bigger," she said with a laugh.

Robin laughed.

"They should be here tomorrow," he said.

Nick and Marian nodded. The next day, they prepared to meet the newcomers. What came to them was bigger than they expected. They knew that rabbits had large families, but this was unexpected. They had 275 children. The father and mother rabbit came to Robin, and the male spoke first.

"Greetings, Lord Robin. I am Stu, and this is my wife Bonnie, and these are our children...." he said.

Once Stu was finally done naming all of his and Bonnie's children, Robin and Marian greeted them, starting with the eldest, a beautiful young adult female by the name of Judy. Nick was smitten with her.

"Wow...she's beautiful..." he thought.

Judy smiled at the lord.

"Hello. I am hoping to live my dream while here," she said.

Marian smiled.

"What is that dream, dear?" she asked.

Judy looked proud.

"I want to be a knight of the realm," she said.

Everyone looked at her.

"A bunny knight?" Nick asked curiously.

Judy frowned.

"I am willing to try hard, and my species has nothing to do with it!" she stated.

Nick loved her spirit. Was it possible? Could Judy be the bride he was seeking? He just had to know. He would befriend her and see what happened. For all he knew, it could become love.