Through Heavan's Eyes is a songfic by PrinceBalto.
Nick Wilde bow

Nick must learn to look through Heaven's eyes


This is inspired by The Prince of Egypt. In a powerful kingdom, evil Queen Dawn Bellwether decreed that the population of foxes should be reduced by barbaric means, the elimination of baby male foxes. However, one survived, and was raised in the house of a nobleman and his wife, this fox, Nick, grew up. However, after killing an official in defense of a fellow fox, he flees into the surrounding desert. There, after joining a nomad bunny family, he learns a valuable new lesson on how to view the world.


As Nick came to sit by the roaring fire that night, he couldn't help but think about his past and everything that had brought him here to the desert camp of Stu and Bonnie. Suddenly, he heard Judy's voice.

"Come sit by me," the beautiful bunny said.

Nick smiled.

"Uh, sure," he said.

Nick forced himself to forget the past. Just then, Stu. the richest and most powerful tribal chieftain in this land, began to speak.

"Everyone, we gather here today in order to honor this brave young fox, who has helped our tribe by driving off those water-stealing rams," he said.

Nick sighed.

"Please, don't. I don't deserve it," he said.

Judy took a look at the fox she was coming to fall in love with.

"Nick..." she said.

Stu looked at him.

"Perhaps you don't know what is worthy of honor," he said.

[He begins to sing.]


A single thread in a tapestry

though its color brightly shine

You can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design And the stone that sits on the very top

Of the mountain's mighty face

Does it think that it's more important

Than the stone that forms the base?

[To be complete soon.]