Vixey Wilde is a character in Revan and Eva's 2.0 continuity.
Flirty Vixey

Vixey, the cousin of Danny and Nick


Vixey originated in The Fox and the Hound.

About her

Vixey is the daughter of the younger brother of Robin Wilde, thus making her the cousin of Danny and Nick. She is a beautiful young vixen who works in the offices of Wilde Restaurants, Inc, answering phones. She is a close friend of Judy, as, when Judy left the ZPD upon becoming engaged to Nick, she came to work at the same office. She enjoys Gazelle music, the films of actress Sasha Lionheart and going to any number of events in the city. She is romantically involved with a male fox named Tod. She was a big encourager of Judy's relationship with Nick, often giving Judy romantic advice, as the bunny had never had a boyfriend before Nick in her life.


  • She works as a phone answerer at the offices of Wilde Restaurants, Inc.