Wedding Dance is a story by LupeWolf22.
Mrs Wilde

The story

It was a big moment for Nick and Judy.

The happy couple was now married. The wedding had been an immense success. Nick and Judy were now husband and wife. Now, at the party, it was time for their first dance. The band struck up the music. Nick and Judy embraced, ready for this moment.

Then, they began their dance. They focused on one another the whole time. All around them, everyone was overjoyed: Robin and Marian, Stu and Bonnie, Bogo, Gazelle, Soren Oryxhorn, Clawhauser and everyone else there. It made Judy a bit nervous, but then she focused. She was a former member of the ZPD. She could get through this. After awhile, it was done. Nick and Judy had just danced their first dance.

Nick's eyes shone with love for her, his new bride. For an instant, she remembered that handsome fox she met in the alley. Now, he, that sly fox, was her husband. Soon, they would move into their apartment together and begin their life. It was a thrill for the bunny. She sighed contentedly. She was ready. Ready to be a wife. In the future, they could potentially even become parents.

As that popular Gazelle song says, try everything.