Wilde Restaurants, Inc is the restaurant business owned by Robin and Marian Wilde.

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About it

Wilde Restaurants, Inc is the biggest restaurant company in Zootopia and is owned and operated by the Wilde family. It was founded many years earlier by Robin Wilde's side of the family. It owns all manner of restuarants across Zootopia, from quick-service fast food restaurants to fine sit-down restaurants. Nick Wilde, Robin and Marian's son, works as the manager for one of the restaurants. It was when one of the early moments of the savage incidents occurred in the restaurant alley that he met Judy. Their restaurants can be found in virtually every corner of Zootopia, and in the surrounding towns. Their corporate headquarters are located in downtown Zootopia, in a big, beautiful office building that is owned by them as well.


  • Robin Wilde (Owner)
  • Marian Wilde (Owner)
  • Nick Wilde (Manager, owner)
  • Judy Wilde (Nee Hopps) (Office worker)
  • Finnick (Host)
  • Honey Honey Badger (Waitress)
  • Many, many more