ZootopiaKart is a fictional racing video game for the PS3 and PS4.

A logo for the game


This is similar to the MarioKart series. In it, you pick your favorite Zootopia character, and race them in a race track against other Zootopia characters. The tracks are located in each of the different areas of the city.

Playable characters

  • Nick Wilde- Zootopia's resident sly fox who is in love with a certain pretty bunny cop.
  • Judy Hopps- The bunny heroine of the city who is in love with a certain sly fox.
  • Chief Bogo- The chief of the ZPD.
  • Clawhauser- The donut-loving ZPD dispatch.
  • Mchorn- A tough rhino cop.
  • Dawn Bellwether- A sheep and Zootopia's public enemy #1.
  • Doug- Bellwether's henchman.
  • Gazelle- Zootopia's biggest pop star
  • Flash- The fastest sloth at the DMV.
  • Mr. Big- Zootopia's biggest criminal.
  • Stu Hopps- Judy's father.
  • Bonnie Hopps- Judy's mother.
  • Kevin- One of Mr. Big's giant Polar bear henchmen.
  • Fangmeyer- A tiger cop.


  • Freezer Frolics (TundraTown)
  • Jungle Jinx (Rainforest District)
  • Savannah Grand Prix (Savannah Central)
  • Desert Drive (Sahara Square)
  • Bunny Blast (Bunnyburrow)
  • Animalia Stadium (Downtown)


  • Nick has the fastest cart in the game. His cart is colored green like his shirt.