The Zootopia Galleria is an enormous luxury shopping mall in downtown Zootopia in Zootopia 2.0 continuity.

Stores, Restaurants and moreEdit

  • Mousy's- A department store. This is a parody of Macy's
  • Clawman's Theater- The movie theater, showing all the latest films.
  • Good Buy- An electronics store.
  • The Ice Hole- The ice skating rink, where Zootopians can rent skates for a small fee and skate. They have skates for all species of mammal. There is a smaller attached rink specifically for very small animals like rodents, lemmings and so on so they don't get injured by bigger mammals. The smallest creatures allowed in the main ring are bunnies, raccoons, Red pandas and creatures like them.
  • The Pawman Exhibition Hall- A place for traveling exhibits.
  • Gamer's Den- An arcade, featuring the latest arcade video game machines.
  • McDingo's- A location of the popular fast food chain in the food court.
  • Spots and Stripes- A fine restaurant. It is owned by Wilde Restaurants, Inc. This is where Nick proposed to Judy.
  • Flour Power- A bakery at the food court selling donuts, cookies, muffins, cake slices, cinnamon rolls and other treats.
  • Snarlbucks- A location of this coffee chain.
  • Preyda- A store selling Preyda products, like bags and shoes.
  • Four Paws Hotel- A fine hotel within the mall, which allows patrons to leave their hotel room and visit the mall. This is where Nick and Judy stayed on their first anniversary.
  • Green Leaf- A frozen yogurt shop.
  • Disneigh Store- A store selling toys and other merchandise for Disneigh Studios, the biggest movie studio in Zootopia.
  • Game Lair- A video game store.
  • Many, many more.


The mall opened years before the savage crisis. It sees numerous shoppers everyday, and is very popular. It is regarded in guide books as a must see attraction. The mall is so large that it is advised for groups to stay together to avoid getting lost.

Connection to Nick and JudyEdit

It was at this mall, at the Spots and Stripes Restaurant, that Nick proposed to Judy, and where Nick and Judy spent their honeymoon at the Four Paws Hotel.